Because the internet.


If there's one good thing

that's come from social media, it's the ability to find like-minded people (of course, "good" depends on the like-mind you're looking for...but I digress. Already.). I know that's an obvious statement, but this is so incredibly meaningful when you're in a disenfranchised or marginalized group--e.g. minority group (aka enter, "Black Twitter") or group of people suffering from the same misunderstood neurological disorder. A quick search on Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit turns up a treasure trove of individuals experiencing something at least adjacent to what I experience. Putting a voice to what I thought was a unique--and thus isolating--experience. Take, for example, a disorder that has worked its way through popular culture as a ruse: something everybody has ("I'm so ADHD" says everybody ever in casual convos about being occasionally distracted); and as nothing more than an excuse for laziness to be thrown around when one has trouble doing something they don't want to do. I find myself in a constant state of 'proving it's real' while simultaneously trying to overcome its challenges. Day to day. Moment to moment. A struggle that makes it almost scary to succeed as it tends to be treated as evidence of ADHD's nothingness rather than of my somethingness...but that's another post...(hopefully--haha)

To go from trivialized to validated is--to use a painfully overused word--epic. I've read story after story of students, adults men, women, spouses...all voicing feelings and experiences I can identify with on some level. Encouraging each other. Offering suggestions and resources. But more than anything offering an empathetic community of people saying, 'Hey. You're not alone. I'm going through this too. And I know, like you know, how much stress and pain and humiliation and self-doubt this can cause. Let's figure out how to cope with this stuff and hold on to the amazing things within our personality that ADHD just enhances...together.'

So thanks, Internet. You can be pretty swell.

And I encourage you, dearest reader of my first ever post, if you don't find what you're looking for here, keep looking around because it's out there and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And then come check back here because hopefully I will have updated with something you'll find helpful! :)