Tiny Dancer

Okay so maybe it's been a minute or two (or 4 months) since I've blogged a session (*Kanye shrug*) but consider it an indication I've been super busy making magic with you guys! So, let's see if I can't hit some highlights of the last few months in the next few posts, shall we? 


This Magical Fairy 

of a human being is one of the most amazing athletes I've ever seen in person. The way she made some of the most complicated and physically taxing movements of her body look effortless...the way she embodied the music playing in the background and used her body like an instrument joining the accompaniment... I've never seen such strength manipulated in such a way. Like a wave: its seemingly weightless foam and the continuity of what you know to be trillions of drops of water working in unison to create the most beautiful rolling motion and colors and you're all at once made aware of its strength when it comes crashing on the shore in front of you...yeah it was like that. 

Enough trying to describe it (what am I doing?! I photographed her!! haha)--take a look:


Are you a Dancer

or an artist who's ready to have their creative expression documented? Oh good! Because I'd love to capture your awesome! Let's make some magic!!