Chanel & Pearls

This little honey bun is always super fun to shoot—so, imagine my delight when I was commissioned to do a sassy, styled shoot with her as the main subject! Set in a super swanky macaron shoppe (yes, it was so swanky I felt the need to add that extra ‘p’ and ‘e’), we got to dance around, make faces, and enjoy the best macarons I’ve ever tasted. Not even kidding. A HUGE thanks to Macaron in The Woodlands, Texas. Do stop by when you’re in the mood for something delectable. Check out some of my favorite shots below. 


Of course

if one is in a love affair with Chanel…one might want a little something for the fireplace mantel...

You thought I was done?! You’re not getting out of here without a little bit of mommy/daughter love. Keep going—you’ll be glad you did. 

 Documentary: my sweet spot. :)

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